Insurance Coverage

Insurance coverage touches all aspects of a person’s life, both personal and business.  When a claim or lawsuit occurs, it is often necessary to employ the services of an attorney to assist with insurance questions and issues that often arise.  As an insured, having an experienced insurance attorney is critical to ensure you obtain the benefits you are entitled to under your various policies of individual or business insurance.  For insurers, the severity of a loss may be mitigated by having an attorney who is knowledgeable in coverage interpretation and who can skillfully assist you in handling and managing any coverage disputes that may arise.

Our insurance attorneys are experienced in all aspects of insurance coverage and litigation for all types of policies, including commercial, professional negligence, employment practices, officers and directors, homeowner and auto.

Our attorneys advise both insureds and insurers regarding coverage questions and disputes relating to:

  • Policy Interpretation and Coverage Opinions
  • Declaratory Relief Actions
  • Rescission Actions
  • Insurer Bad Faith
  • Cumis Counsel Demands
  • Claims Assistance
  • Policy Benefit Demands
  • Tender of Defense and Indemnity
  • Tender of Claims
  • Excess and Umbrella Coverage
  • Negotiating Policyholder Settlements
  • Under and Uninsured Motorist Coverage Arbitrations
  • Challenging Coverage Denials
  • Multiple-Insurer Claims
  • Settlement Demands